Small Animal & Exotics Boarding
A safe and comfortable place for small and unusual pets

We love caring for exotics and small animals. Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, small birds, large parrots, frogs, and reptiles have all stayed with us while their families were away.

If you have questions about our ability to accommodate your small animal or exotic pet’s needs please call us.

Preparing For Your Pet's Stay


All animals staying with us must be free of obvious contagious disease/health concerns.


Please package your pet’s food in a way that we can easily provide their daily meals. We feed twice daily or as appropriate for your pet. We have a refrigerator for storing perishable food items. Please provide the fresh fruits, vegetables, and/or insects that your pet’s daily diet requires.


All small animals and exotic pets are to have their housing provided by the owner. Please make sure that the cage or enclosure is secure and of a comfortable size for their stay. Please provide all food and water dishes. If your pet’s enclosure requires bedding, please bring a little more than enough for their stay.

Other Considerations

Please consider your pet’s specific needs when preparing for their stay. Small animals and exotic pets can become stressed in new environments, we want their stay to be as pleasant as possible.

Please don’t forget to pack the miscellaneous items that will help to keep them comfortable such as covers for bird cages, heat lamps for reptiles, enough hay for rabbits and guinea pigs, a sign that says “Don’t touch, I may bite” for large parrots, and maybe a dust bath for chinchillas.

If you have questions about preparing for their stay or our ability to accommodate their needs please call us.

Drop-off & Pick-up Hours

All drop-offs must be completed an hour before we close to avoid late drop-off fees (except for the days when we are only open from 4:30pm to 5:00pm).

When picking up, please allow enough time to complete the check out process so that the transaction is completed before we close. Any late pick-ups will be charged additional fees.

Daily Boarding Rates

Small Animal Enclosure

For one cage/enclosure that houses one or more rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, etc.

Exotic Animal Enclosure

For one cage/enclosure that houses one or more birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc.

Print the Boarding Agreement

Download and complete your Boarding Agreement