Dog Boarding
Have your dog stay in a clean, safe, and caring environment.

Your pet’s day starts with a long outing with their furry friends of similar size and temperament. While the dogs enjoy their supervised outing in our fenced yard, their private “suite” is being completely stripped and sanitized. Breakfast is served around 7 am. After a rest period everyone hits the yard again twice more for supervised play before their 4 pm dinner. After the 4th and final outing, everyone is tucked securely in their room. Water bowls are topped off and the dogs are able to rest comfortably and peacefully through the night.

We strive to provide the best kenneling experience for you and your pet. We sanitize our kennel inside and out following veterinarian recommended procedures. We feed and medicate the pets in our care twice daily, as directed by the owner. 

Preparing for your dog's stay

Shot Requirements & Health

All dogs in our care must be current on rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella vaccines and be free of obvious contagious disease/health concerns. We have routine professional pest control treatments and recommend everyone keep their dog on a quality flea and tick preventative.

We recommend that you read our post about the potential health risks associated with bringing your dog into environments such as ours.

When providing your shot records you can (or have your vet):

Fax the records to (321) 264-4742
Email the records to
Text a picture of the records to (321) 246-4104


Please use a single sandwich bag for each of your pet’s meals. Please keep in mind that we feed the entire kennel twice daily. If you only feed once at home, please split that amount into two bags. We don’t want your dog to feel left out at feeding times. If you don’t send food (or enough food) we will feed our kennel ration at $1.00 per cup.

Treats & Toys

Your dog may enjoy having a toy or chew from home. Please keep in mind that we do not take responsibility for personal items brought to the kennel. Toys may become destroyed or lost in the laundry. Please write your pet’s name and your last name or initial on the toy.

Leash or Carrier

When entering and exiting the building, all dogs must be in a carrier or on leash. Leashes cannot exceed 6 feet in length. Please keep all retractable leashes locked into a short length. Please write your name on your carrier.

Do NOT Bring These Items

We do not take any bedding or bowls from home. This includes, sheets, towels, clothing, pet beds, etc. Each day we provide clean and appropriate bedding, a sanitized bowl at each feeding, and daily water bowl.

Drop-off & Pick-up Hours

All drop-offs must be completed an hour before we close to avoid late drop-off fees (except for the days when we are only open from 4:30pm to 5:00pm).

When picking up, please allow enough time to complete the check out process so that the transaction is completed before we close. Any late pick-ups will be charged additional fees.

Daily Boarding Rates

Dogs Under 20 lbs


Dogs Over 20 lbs


Additional Dog(s) Sharing a Suite

$14.00 Dog(s) Under 20 lbs
$16.00 Dog(s) Over 20 lbs

Additional Fees

We have an additional $5.50 per day fee for:

• Intact dogs older than 7 months
• Pit bulls/bully breeds
• Pets needing special handling for the safety of staff or other pets
• Dogs that require more than 3 medications per dose or more than two dosings daily

Print the Boarding Agreement

Download and complete your Boarding Agreement