Cat Boarding
A clean, quiet, and comfortable place for cats to stay while you're away

We understand the needs of cats, some are affectionate and attention seeking while others enjoy solitude. We respect that and are happy to accommodate your cat’s individual personality and needs. Our “condos” provide a quiet and comfortable space and our daily routine allows the attention seekers to be petted or played with while respecting the peace and quiet of those who prefer to be left alone. 

Preparing For Your Cat's Stay

Shot Requirements & Health

Rabies and FRVCP. We must have a copy from your vet showing your pet’s name and the expiration date for the vaccines.

When providing your shot records you can (or have your vet):

Fax the records to (321) 264-4742
Email the records to
Text a picture of the records to (321) 246-4104

All cats boarding with us must be free of obvious contagious disease/health concerns, and spayed or neutered. We recommend that you keep your cat on a quality flea and tick preventative. We do not board diabetic animals, we feel these pets are best cared for in a veterinary clinic.


Food. Please use a single sandwich bag for each of your pet’s meals. We feed twice daily. We have a refrigerator for storing open cans of food and are happy to feed any canned food you provide. If you only feed once at home, please split that amount into two bags. We don’t want your cat to feel left out at feeding times. If you don’t send food (or enough food) we will feed our kennel ration at $1.00 per cup.

Treats & Toys

Your cat may enjoy having toys or treats from home. Please keep in mind that we do not take responsibility for personal items brought to our facility. Toys may become destroyed or lost in the laundry.


When entering and exiting the building, all cats must be securely locked in a carrier. Please put your pet’s name and your last name on your carrier.

Do NOT Bring These Items

We do not accept bedding or bowls from home. This includes sheets, towels, clothing, beds, cushions, etc. We provide clean and appropriate bedding every day, a sanitized bowl at each feeding, and daily water bowl.

Drop-off & Pick-up Hours

All drop-offs must be completed an hour before we close to avoid late drop-off fees (except for the days when we are only open from 4:30pm to 5:00pm).

When picking up, please allow enough time to complete the check out process so that the transaction is completed before we close. Any late pick-ups will be charged additional fees.

Daily Boarding Rates

Cat Condo


Additional Cat

$14.50 per additional cat sharing a condo

Additional Fees

We have an additional $5.50 per day fee for:

• Cats requiring special handling for the safety of staff or other pets
• Cats that require more than 3 medications per dose or more than two doses daily

Print the Boarding Agreement

Download and complete your Boarding Agreement